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Karaya Trans AG is a dynamic and owner-managed company characterized by innovation and rich relationships.

Through a goal-oriented management at all levels in connection with many years of experience, we are always in a position to provide the customer with expert support. Karaya Trans AG can rely on a reliable and broadly based network, which is maintained by intensive contact with customers and business partners.

The enterprise is aimed internationally and is very well familiar with the different cultures and habits of the supplied countries.

The many years of experience in the transport business with the eastern foothills of the EU area characterize Karaya Trans AG as a specialist for transports to Turkey, but also throughout Europe, Central Asia or the Middle East.nDo you need transportation from these regions to Switzerland? We also find a suitable solution for this need.

We always strive to find and offer the best and most comfortable solutions to our customers. Our focus is on reliability, consulting, flexibility, communication, neutrality and long-term partnership.